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PERSONAL NOTE: Read this as many times as is necessary for it to sink in. Greatest culmination of advice I’ve seen in a LONG, LONG while.

Matthew Teague Miller, Guest Editorial • OnStage Blog • July 19, 2021

1) If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Theatre is a living, breathing thing and history has proven that the need to evolve drives our ability to survive. Commitment to personal growth and improvement is an obligation to our craft and our industry.  The minute that we think that we know all that there is to know, we have fallen behind. The moment that we think we have gotten as strong as we are going to get, we have grown a bit weaker. As artists it is our responsibility to be fueled by the growth-mindset, so that we are constantly looking for ways to improve, ways to innovate and ways to grow.

2) Never get the same note twice.

Every time a director stops to write down a note, they are missing a section of the play or focusing their energy on your performance or design rather than the rest of the company’s. Thus, when a director gives you a note multiple times other collaborators are missing their opportunity to receive valuable feedback.  Directors will understandably get frustrated when they have to give the same note multiple times and sometimes it is even interpreted as a sign of disrespect. Do you want to be seen as a strong member of the theatre community? Take a note the first time it is given.

3) Leave the drama on the stage and allow other people to define their own character.

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